With numerous events between the end of March and mid-November wine lovers in Illmitz really get their money's worth. The history, the culture and the quality of the wines are examined in fine detail here. A must for wine lovers and enthusiasts.

The first highlight is certainly the "Spring walk in Illmitz". The winemakers open their cellars to you and invite you to taste their creations from 12 to 14 March and from 19 to 21 March 2021. The numerous restaurateurs of the area will spoil you with lots of goodies and treats from the National Park region.

The young wine presentation as part of the "day of wine, blues and more" is certainly another significant plus. (September)

The traditional Martiniloben from the 5th to the 87h and from the 12th to the 14th of November 2021 keeps bringing more and more wine lovers to Illmitz. Again, the wineries open their doors and invite you in for wine and delicacies. The traditional Martinigansl and Ganslsuppe are regulars on the menu.

This year's Martiniloben (6th - 8th + 13th - 15th November 2020) has to be canceled in the traditional form by the "Weinerlebnis Illmitz" association due to the current event and catering requirements of the Austrian federal government.
As a tip for all wine enthusiasts, use the autumn in Illmitz and any accommodation you may have already booked, because there is nothing against a visit to the winemaker of your choice, of course only by prior arrangement. the winemaker ...

Illmitz Wine Experience brochure

Further information on the Illmitz Wine Experience (Spring Walk & Martiniloben) can be found in our brochure or on the website.


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