The climate at Lake Neusiedl is optimal for the locally grown varieties. Also the National Park Lake Neusiedl contributes a lot to the world champion wines. The unspoiled nature, the long Pannonian sunny days and temperature storing pools guarantee top wines from Illmitz year after year.

Finely spiced with a light, fruity acidity - is how one could describe the Pinot Blanc and Riesling. The full-bodied red on the other hand convinces with opulent fruit, elegance and power. Zweigelt and Blaufränkisch (Gamay) are the preferred varieties here.

Illmitz wineries

World champion wines from Illmitz

Illmitz is known for its sweet wines worldwide. The noble rot and the micro-climate at the lake make an important contribution. But it's the winegrowers of Illmitz's knowledge of sweet wines that always leads to global awards.  

14 times Wine Maker of the Year

20 times Wine World Champion

1 time Sekt World Champion